Reasons to Immunize and the Balancing Act

27 Jul

Vaccine safety continues to be a source of worry for over half of American parents. What do they worry about? Take a look at this incredibly creative 2-minute video from the BYU College of Nursing entitled “Reasons to Immunize.”

The creators based their work on speaking with scores of parents who had questions or concerns about vaccinating their children. The messages are easy to grasp. When people say “a picture is worth a thousand words,” you might see this during the part where the risks of diseases are balanced against the common vaccine side-effects. You can’t put everything into a 2-minute video, but you can create an impression.

If you’re looking for more detail, the science journal Nature recently featured a story evaluating the real risks of vaccine safety. Even if you’re short on time, check out the image on page 3. It’s another great example of illustrating the relative risks and benefits of getting vaccinated. When it comes to weighing pros and cons, we owe it to ourselves to consider the very real risks of NOT getting vaccinated: getting a serious disease.

Part of the fear comes from the (incorrect) assumption that everyone is worried—so that becomes our new “normal.” That’s what’s great about the i choose campaign.  i choose gives a forum for regular people to show that they’re happy about their choice to vaccinate.  The balance of opinions online and in the media doesn’t always reflect the actual balance of attitudes out there.  And going back to the “reasons to Vaccinate” video, portraying a more accurate “balance” of information sure seems helpful. If you’ve yet to submit your own i choose poster, consider it as a fun summer project!

How do you weigh risks and choose facts over fear? Don’t be shy, share your thoughts! Until the next blog, enjoy a healthy and fun summer!


One Response to “Reasons to Immunize and the Balancing Act”

  1. hotshot bald cop September 2, 2011 at 5:08 am #

    I agree 100%

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